Swim Lessons

Our Learn to Swim Program is an opportunity for children (3 -14 years of age) to conquer a range of skills in the world of swimming. These skills include everything from simply achieving comfort in the water to learning the fundamentals of competitive swimming. These learned skills will also lead to an opportunity to participate in competitive swimming as a member of the Warriors Swim Club program.


Our Swim Lessons are divided into Four Levels:

Level 1 - Beginners, Getting comfortable in the water

Level 2 - Intermediate, introducing fundamentals

Level 3 - Advanced, Learning the “sport” of swimming

Level 4 - Preparing for competitive swimming

Club - Our goal for all lessons members is to eventually become a Registered member of our USA Swimming Club.


Group Skills At A Glance: PDF


Please contact us at lessons@warriorsswimclub.com regarding any concerns or questions you may have.